Can Losing Weight Cause Shrinking Breasts?

Written by Sarah

You’ve been dieting and exercising faithfully, when all of a sudden, you notice your shrinking breasts. You immediately think, “This wasn’t supposed to happen!” After all, you were just trying to lose weight- not reduce your bust size.

Breast Tissue 101

Did you know that your breasts are composed primarily of fat tissue? And just like any other type of fat tissue, that fat can be lessened through exercise.

As you gain weight, the fat cells in your breasts get bigger. So women with larger chests have them simply because they’ve got cells with a greater amount of stored fat.

Breast Tissue Anatomy

As you can imagine, when you lose weight, the cells of fat in your breasts begin to shrink as well. So yes- exercising on a regular basis can lead to shrinking breasts.

If you really enjoy having big breasts, then exercising can be a double-edged sword. On one end you want to be healthy, and on the other, you want to maintain a big bust.

The Exception to The Rule

Some women are “genetically lucky” and will maintain big breasts even when they lose weight. That’s most likely because these women have denser breasts with less fatty tissue, so there’s not much fat to lose.

The best way to determine if you have fatty breasts or dense ones is to get a mammogram.

Does Your Body Size Have Anything to Do with Shrinking Breasts?

Shrinking Breasts

As it turns out, it does! According to a study by the American Journal of Human Biology published in 2012, women who weigh more also tend to have bigger breasts.

They also concluded that if you lose about 20% of your body weight, then you’ll see about a one cup drop in bust size.

Take give you an example of what that means, if you’re a 160-pound women, and you lose 32 pounds, then don’t be surprised if your breasts seem to be getting smaller. That’s an expected byproduct of losing weight.

Breast Sag and Weight Loss – Is There a Connection?

On top of shrinking breasts, a woman who loses a lot of weight- either through exercise or with surgery- may also experience breast sag.

This is especially common in “yo-yo dieters” (dieters who constantly fluctuate in weight). Here’s how to “grade” sagging breasts:

As you lose weight quickly, the collagen and elastin in your breasts begin to rapidly break down, which can leave your breasts looking flaccid.

This isn’t a serious health concern, but from a visual perspective, it can make many women feel insecure and uncomfortable about their body.

How to Avoid Shrinking Breasts When Losing Weight

There is a way to avoid shrinking breasts when losing weight. You can do it by not losing weight too quickly.

Do it gradually over the course of a few months. That way, you won’t put excess stress on the elastin and collagen in your breasts.

Also, it helps to start replacing unhealthy foods with healthier alternatives like leafy greens and lean proteins.

If you do this consistently, you may be able to keep your breasts at their current size even when the rest of your body loses weight.

How Can You Increase Your Bust Size Naturally?

If you’re like most women, you’re probably terrified of getting plastic surgery (or you simply can’t afford it).

Either way, realize that it’s not needed in most instances. You actually have the power to increase your bust size naturally. The best ways include:

  • Pectoral Muscle Exercises: If you do bust enlargement exercises that specifically target the pectoral muscles, you’ll experience a fuller, perkier chest area in no time.
  • Diet: Eating foods like soybeans, legumes, and soymilk is an excellent way to reverse the symptoms of shrinking breasts. For more information on that, click here.
  • Pills: The best option that we recommend for this is BustMaxx. It’s made from all-natural ingredients and can increase your bust size by 2 cups in as little as a few months.

Breast shrinkage is a common symptom in women who lose a lot of weight very quickly.

But as you can see, there are ways to reverse the symptoms and reclaim your normal bust size (it just takes a great deal of dedication on your part).

Shrinking Breasts – Bottom Line

Shrinking breasts are sometimes caused by hormonal imbalances, and sometimes caused by genetic disorders. And in other cases, they are caused by lifestyle habits.

In either case, realize that there are things you can do to prevent this from happening. Follow the tips above and you may be able to retain your normal bust size even though you’re exercising and losing weight.

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