Does Birth Control Increase Breast Size?

Written by Sarah

In this post, we’ll answer a question that many woman have: does birth control increase breast size? In short, yes, it does. Birth control pills have been shown to aid in bust enhancement. Just know that results will vary from woman to woman.

How Birth Control Pills Affect Breast Size 

First and foremost, know that birth control pills don’t make your boobs bigger directly. Instead, what they do is cause you to gain weight. And guess what? Whenever a woman gains weight, her breasts are one of the first body parts to grow. So it makes sense that birth control would help in this area.

Remember that birth control “tricks” the body into thinking it’s pregnant. It does this by stopping ovulation. As you may know, woman who are pregnant typically have larger breasts than when they’re not pregnant. This is a normal physiological response to pregnancy.

The Brand Matters

Not all birth control pills will affect breast size the same way. Some brand are more effective at growing your breasts than others. Which ones exactly? Keep an eye out for an ingredient called “Progesterin”. If a birth control pill contains progesterin only, then it will not make your boobs larger.

To encourage breast growth, you need to take birth control that contains progesterin and estrogen. However, this can also lead to other side effects that you need to be aware of. For example, it can lead to tender breasts, fluid retention, and a host of other bothersome symptoms.

Some women may even experience considerable weight gain as a result of the fluid retention. So although you get the benefit of boosting your bust, there are still plenty of potential drawbacks to consider.

Birth Control Pills That Increase Breast Size

Looking for specific birth control pills that can make your boobs bigger? Then check out the following:

  • Zovia
  • Lenessa
  • Modicon
  • Tricyclen
  • Orthocyclen
  • Necon

Many women report positive results with these pills. Does this mean that all women will experience the same results? No, it doesn’t. It’s essential that you learn about the potential drawbacks of these pills before taking them.

Birth Control Active Ingredients 

Birth control pills are commonly referred to as oral contraceptives. Some women simply refer to it as “the pill”.

Birth control pills contain synthetic female hormones which are designed to prevent the release of an egg from an ovary. Since the egg isn’t released, pregnancy cannot occur. The two main ingredients include:

  • Progestin: This compound is a synthetic form of progesterone. This molecule makes it difficult for the sperm to make its way to the egg to fertilize it. As a result, it becomes extremely unlikely that a woman can get pregnant while on the pill.
  • Estrogen: The estrogen plays a role in preventing ovulation. Like progestin, it’s synthesized in a lab and put into the pill. The level of estrogen in the birth control pill will vary from brand to brand.

While these two ingredients work together to prevent pregnancy, a side effect of ingesting them is developing larger breasts.

Talk to Your Doctor First

Before taking contraceptive pills to make your breasts larger, talk to your doctor. Let them know why you’re doing it, and whether it’s safe to do.

In most cases, your doctor won’t have any problem with it. Just make sure that you’re taking the proper dose and paying attention to any negative symptoms that occur.

In general, the higher the dosage of birth control, the bigger your boobs will get. However, this isn’t recommended as it can lead to additional symptoms like nausea, mood changes, spotting, and more.

The Alternatives?

If you don’t feel comfortable taking birth control pills to increase breast size, then there are healthier alternatives to try. They include:

  • Chest Exercises: The right chest exercises can strengthen the pectoral muscles and make your boobs look bigger.
  • Herbs: Certain herbs, like fenugreek for example, can have an affect on breast tissue.
  • Certain Foods: Foods like milk, flaxseeds, and various types of seafood can be quite effective.
  • Pills: For more info on the best pills for breast enlargmenet, click here.
  • Breast Enhancement Pumps: We wrote an extensive article on this topic. Click here to read it.

As you can see, there are many safe and effective alternatives to taking birth control pills. Getting on the pill shouldn’t be taken lightly. It can have many unpleasant side effects, which might not be worth it for some women.


To summarize, yes, birth control pills can make your boobs bigger. Sometimes they’ll increase but only a cup size, and sometimes they’ll increase several cup sizes.

Since each woman is different, there’s no way to know for sure what will happen. Just make sure that you’re taking the contraceptive pills responsibly since they can lead to side effects like nausea, weight gain, etc.

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