What’s The Best Breast Enlargement Cream?

Written by Sarah

These days, non-surgical bust enhancement options are starting to gain traction. Women are starting to realize that an all-natural approach is possible. In this article, we’re going to talk about the best breast enlargement cream on the market.

Best Breast Enlargement Cream – Top 3 Products

There are three creams that we believe can do an effective job at helping you increase bust size naturally. These include Total Curve, Breast Actives, and IsoSensuals Enhance.

These appear to be the most effective (and safest) of all the creams currently on the market.

Below, we’ll talk about the good and the bad for each one. We’ll also talk about what’s in each product, as well as how long it takes to see the affects.

#1: Total Curve

Total CurveTotal Curve

Total Curve is a topical cream that can be used to increase breast size naturally. It’s a cheaper and arguably better alternative than surgery.

The product is designed to work in as little as a few months. When applied consistently, it can help you gain larger, more attractive breasts.

The reason it’s the best cream to grow your boobs is because it works internally and externally at shaping your breasts.

Active Ingredients

Total Curve contains a 3% concentration of “Volufilline”, which contains sarsasapogenin. Sarsasapogenin stimulates lipogenesis, or the accumulation of fat cells.

It works by actively targeting breast tissue and stimulating the fat cells in them to grow in both volume and quantity.

So you essentially gain all of the benefits of a breast augmentation without the surgery and without the questionable ingredients.

The best part? There are no health risks or side effects. To increase bust size naturally, simply apply this cream to your breasts daily (once in the morning and once at night).

Apply a thin layer to each breast, ensuring that you rub in a gentle circular motion. This product was created by medical professionals who have produced a whopping 50,000 affiliate products around the world.

Needless to say, they know what they’re doing. If you’re looking for the best bust enhancement cream, Total Curve is a good place to start. Here’s a before and after of a woman who used this product:

Before and After

#2: Breast Actives

Breast Actives

The next cream we’re going to talk about is one from Breast Actives. This cream is designed to act fast, without the risk of surgery.

What you’ll appreciate about this product is that it comes with a detailed workout program that anyone can follow.

The workout program is designed to work together with the cream. Together, they’ll help increase your breast size by 1, 2, or even 3 cups!

If you’re looking for an effective way of getting rid of your flat chest without potentially-dangerous products, then give Breast Actives a try.

It’s relatively cheap (about $25), and works with most women. The reason we consider it the best cream for making your bust look bigger is because it’s easy to use: just apply a small amount on your breasts twice per day and that’s it.

Manufacturer’s Warning

According to Breast Actives, you should consult a doctor first if you’re nursing, pregnant, or taking any medication. While the product isn’t inherently dangerous, you don’t want to take any chances.

#3: IsoSensuals Enhance

IsoSensuals Enhance Breast Enlargement Cream

The final product we’re going to talk about is IsoSensuals Enhance. If you want to increase bust size naturally without spending a lot of money, then check out this product.

Thousands of women from all over the world have had a positive experience with this cream- and you could be the next one!

It will provide both a lifting and firming effect, allowing you to feel sexier and more confident. Why do we think that this is the best cream to grow your bust? Because it works!

Most women who use this product see great results.  While it’s a little more expensive than the creams above, it’s still a great investment for any woman who wants a bigger bust.


The other major advantage to using IsoSensuals Enhance is that it contains all-natural ingredients that won’t harm the body.

Essentially, these ingredients are designed to accelerate the product of fat cells within the breasts, as well as make those fat cells hold more fat.

The end result is a fuller, perkier chest. The company claims that you can increase your bust size by up to 18% using this product.

Best Breast Enlargement Cream

Using IsoSensuals Enhance is pretty straightforward: simply apply a dime-size amount of the cream to your breasts and rub it in for about 30 seconds in a circular motion.

The key is to make sure that it’s all absorbed. If you want to achieve maximum results, apply it twice a day for about 6 months.

Some women experience bigger breasts before this, and some after. The point is that it works.

Bottom Line

So, which of these is the best breast enlargement cream? While they are all good, the one we recommend the most is IsoSensuals Enhance.

The reason why is because it seems to be the one that most women have success one. With that said, the others can be very effective as well.

Let us know if you’ve tried any of these products by leaving a comment below.

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